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Elektro Partner

We provide technical solutions for the automotive industry, and our customers are garages.

Car repair is our passion which is why our customers can rely on our commitment.

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    All our suppliers, the major ones being Autodata, TEXA and Delphi, are market leaders in the fields that we work in.


    Thanks to products and data from our suppliers, we are able to offer our customers quality equipment and assist them with all their daily tasks, data and diagnostics in particular.



    Data software with:

    - Car data

    - Troubleshooting and repair instructions


    Diagnostic equipment for:

    - On-board diagnostic systems

    - Air conditioning systems

    - Exhaust emission testing (diesel)

    - Gas analysis (petrol)

    - Diesel EDC

    - Diesel common rail

    - Engine control unit


    The company

    Elektro Partner was founded 30 years ago at Stubben 7 in Larvik, Norway. Since then the company has grown, but our passion for the automotive industry is the same now as then. Our growth has implied that we now have activities in all Scandinavian countries as supplier to more than 6500 different garages.


    At the moment we employ 34 people in Denmark, six in Norway and four in Sweden. Our total annual turnover exceeds 100,000,000 DKK in 2018, and we are proud to be self-financing.


    When we started out, our motto was "The simple solution is usually the best", and even in today's increasingly complicated world, we help and encourage our customers to combine simple instruments with good old-fashioned craftsmanship. So even if the auto repair industry is ever-changing, we are proud to be able to help mechanics succeed in their profession. We know that our products and services make a difference to our customers, and that makes us proud.


    Elektro Partner is owned exclusively by the founder of the company, Frank Donslund, and headquartered in our own buildings at Trehøjevej 2 in Grindsted, Denmark.



    Based on the philosophy of helping our customers help themselves, we operate an automotive hotline and conduct courses in the use of our products. Our aim is to enable our customers to diagnose car problems correctly and help them get the full advantage of the data and equipment that we provide. Our customers trust in us, and we count on them. Over the years, Elektro Partner has proven its worth as a reliable partner, and we have no other interests than to deliver knowledge and equipment to enable our customers to perform repairs in accordance with the prescriptions of the car manufacturers. We offer everything from the necessary data and service specifications to assistance with specific problems, and we also take care of IT-related challenges, such as getting our customers' PCs to run with our programs. Every day, three IT specialists are waiting for your call ready to provide immediate assistance. Furthermore, we have our own service cars in all three countries, which provide assistance where it is needed, and our customers can rest assured that spare parts for the machines that we sell are always kept in stock ready for immediate delivery.



    Our employees have many years of experience working with cars, and several of them can be described as specialists in troubleshooting and car repairs.

    We specialise in on-board diagnostics systems and the various electrical systems in particular, but in modern cars, diagnostics cannot be divided into electrical and mechanical, which is why we find it extremely important to have a broad knowledge of the mechanical systems as well and continuously seek to expand our knowledge and access to documentation. Our aim is to be able to give advise on all kinds of questions that may arise in connection with car repairs. Our 11 hotline employees have many years of practical experience in helping professional mechanics solve all kinds of problems.


    Our customers

    We sell products and services to all types of garages – from the smallest to the largest ones. Some of our customers are authorised garages that service other brands as well or repair cars that they have taken in exchange, but the majority are independent garages, and we believe the world would be a poorer place without these. In recent years, a number of truck repair shops have also become part of our loyal customer base, which counts around 6500 Nordic garages.

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Elektro Partner AS

Pb. 857

3007 Drammen

+47 33 46 73 70



Elektro Partner ApS

Trehøjevej 2

7200 Grindsted

+45 75 31 09 06



Elektro Partner Sverige AB

Sångleksgatan 8A

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Elektro Partner ApS

+45 75 31 09 06


Elektro Partner AS

+47 33 46 73 70


Elektro Partner Sverige AB

+46 40 606 13 00