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Terms for use of

We are proud to be able to offer your garage access to the best technical support and hotline available on the market. Evidence suggests that we are the best in the industry. At Elektro Partner, qualified assistance is regarded as a matter of course and this goes with all our products. Mechanics and garage owners can always rely on this.

Our hotline is reserved for our customers and help is always associated with our products and related subscriptions. In other words, if your garage has subscribed to a diagnostic tool from us, then you are automatically entitled to make use of our hotline and ask questions related to diagnosis. The same applies to service and support; as a customer, you can always rely on fast assistance from our service- and support departments. We distinguish between support and hotline. As a rule, support is always free unless otherwise agreed. Regarding hotline, an average yearly use is always included in our subscriptions. Use of hotline exceeding this average will be charged in a user paid system. We call it extended hotline and it will be calculated according to the number of incoming cases per year.


Support from Elektro Partner is very comprehensive. It is free as long as it in any way is relevant to the product or application subscribed to. Our typical support can be divided into three main categories


  • Guidance in using our products, questions related to use and handling as well as practical and IT-related issues. 

  • Car-specific questions within the issues covered by our products or applications where the answers cannot be found in our products.

  • Questions related to fault codes, help with understanding/explanation of unknown fault codes read out using a diagnostic tool sold by us..

Elektro Partner´s hotline offers our subscribers specific and quick help from our 20-man strong hotline team.


  • Quick help for any car repair.

  • Specific guidance when the garage is stuck during troubleshooting.

  • Automotive support in making a diagnosis or identifying a fault. 

  • Help with finding specific information about a system or component necessary for proceeding.

Above all, we at Elektro Partner are diagnostic specialists but we are also able to help garages making a business out of repairing and servicing cars, large and small. Accordingly, we are local business partners with leading suppliers of technical data and specifications such as Autodata and Alldata. This is your guarantee for never being short of information.

You can contact our hotline via AutoFrontal or via our website. 5 free hotline cases are included in every subscription. Example: If you subscribe to a diagnostic tool and an Autodata application, you will thus be entitled to 10 hotline cases over a 12-month period. Any subscription to a diagnostic tool from Elektro Partner or a data application, such as Autodata or AutoFrontal, will automatically each qualify for 5 "free" hotline cases. This and the comprehensive free support will satisfy the needs of 98% of all our customers.


If the need for hotline exceeds the average and what is included in our subscriptions, we will contact the garage in order to make arrangements for extended hotline to match the actual need. This estimate is usually be based on the hotline use within the last 6 or 12 months. Thus, you will never receive an unexpected invoice retroactively. Invoicing will always be carried out according to agreement, and prospectively. The fee per hotline case in an extended hotline agreement will be £15.


If the use decreases, the fee for extended hotline will be reduced accordingly or it will no longer apply to the following year. Likewise, solutions and useful tips received from garages are deducted according to scale 1:2. In practice, this means that feedback from garages containing information regarding a solution to a problem or useful tips, which we decide to publish, will entitle the garage to 2 free hotline cases.

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