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Who is
Electro Partner

We provide technical solutions for the automotive industry, and our customers are car workshops.

Car repair is our passion,
and therefore our customers can safely rely on our commitment in this regard.

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We only use suppliers who are leaders in the fields we deal with, including the most important Autodata, TEXA and Delphi. With the help of products and knowledge from our suppliers, we can today offer equipment and help for all important functions in a car workshop, with a particular focus on data and diagnosis. PRODUCT Astake programs with: - Vehicle data - Help with troubleshooting and repair Equipment for diagnosis of: - Self-diagnosis - Air conditioning - Flue gas measurement (diesel) - Gas measurement (petrol) - Diesel EDC - Diesel common rail - Engine management THE COMPANY Elektro Partner started its activities over 30 years ago at the address Stubben 7 in Larvik. Since then, the company has grown, but our passion for the automotive industry is the same now as it was then. Our growth has meant that we now have activities in all Scandinavian countries. We currently employ 53 employees in Denmark, 7 in Norway and 7 in Sweden. Our total annual turnover in 2022 was over DKK 170,000,000, and we are self-financing according to the best Jutland traditions. In the beginning, our motto was "The simple solution is often the best", and in today's complicated world we are still successful in encouraging and helping our customers to combine simple means with good old-fashioned craftsmanship. So even though the car profession is constantly changing, we are proud to be able to help the individual car mechanic to succeed in his profession. We know that our products and services make a difference to the individual, and we are proud of that. Elektro Partner is 100% owned by the company's founder, Frank Donslund, and the headquarters for our activities are located in our own buildings at Trehøjevej 2 in Grindsted. SERVICES We operate a car technical hotline and hold courses in the use of our products according to the motto help for self-help. We want to help our customers make safe diagnoses and make full use of the data and equipment we provide. Our customers trust us and we count on them. For many years, Elektro Partner has proven itself as a strong business partner who has no other interests than to supply knowledge and equipment so that our customers can carry out car repairs according to the car manufacturers' regulations. Therefore, our range includes everything from the necessary data and service specifications to help with specific problems on specific cars. We also take care of IT challenges, such as getting the customers' PCs to run our programs, and our IT hotline is manned every day by three specialists who are ready to provide immediate help. In addition to this, we have our own service vehicles in all three countries, which can provide help wherever it is needed. Our customers can always count on spare parts for the machines we sell being in stock for immediate delivery. PROFILE Our employees have many years of experience working with cars, and several of them can be described as specialists in car repair and troubleshooting. Our specialty is the car's self-diagnosis system, and especially the electrical systems, but on a modern car, diagnosis cannot be divided into electrical and mechanical. Therefore, we also have extensive knowledge of the mechanical systems, and we are constantly looking to expand our knowledge and access to material in our hotline department. The goal is to be able to advise on all types of questions that may arise in connection with car repairs. The 22 employees in the hotline department have many years of practical experience in helping professional car repairers solve problems of every imaginable kind. OUR CUSTOMERS We sell products and services to all types of car workshops - from the smallest to the largest. Some of our customers are brand workshops that also service other car brands or repair cars they have taken in exchange, but the majority are independent workshops of the type AutoPartner, AutoMester, AutoPlus, or Mekonomen Autoteknik. We think the world would be a poorer place without the free sector to repair cars. In recent years, a number of truck workshops have also been found among our customers.



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Annual report

This year's  challenges

2022 came to contain a bit of everything. Likewise for Elektro Partner, which is of course not unaffected by the economic storm that hit most of the world in the past year. It affected private finances as well as companies. Fortunately, it didn't go quite as badly as it seemed for a while.

In light of that fact, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised that it has not affected Elektro Partner more than it is. Elektro Partner has had a satisfactory year with many bright spots to look back on, if we disregard our otherwise pleasant company party back in February, where a bit of carelessness was punished with a round of Corona. The party meant that the company had to run in emergency operation for a week, as many employees were affected by Corona.


Physical theme evenings again

Beyond this, I am proud that we have managed to navigate safely through an otherwise turbulent year. Something that has made me very happy is that it was again possible to get started with outgoing activities. Together with car wholesalers and industry organisations, we carried out a series of themed evenings, in which more than 1500 participated. Knowledge sharing is an important part of our concept, and although we had almost the same audience at our online events over Zoom in 20 and 21, such online events are not quite the same as meeting people face to face.


Development of concepts

I am very satisfied with the way we have developed several of our concepts in 2022. The company as a whole has had a healthy and stable development. We have been able to continue working with our own products and concepts in peace and order. I don't think AutoFrontal has ever developed so much in a single year. More than 1000 new bulletins and repair solutions and at least as many updated existing bulletins. We have also been able to ascertain increased interest in this product both in Scandinavia and in the rest of Europe, so we have been able to celebrate several milestones with the DDTSB version (Diagnosis Dan Technical Service Bulletins) throughout the year. We set realistic targets for production as well as revenue and achieved them. In a few weeks, we will also know whether we reached our goals for earnings.

A little fun thing was that in 2022 we sold the largest number of diagnostic testers in one year ever, and this is the 3rd year in a row with a record in terms of tester sales. I am proud of that, and thanks must also go to TEXA for the product development that has made it possible.


The autumn trade fairs

The year's highlights also consisted of no less than 3 trade fairs, which were held in the autumn. These fairs gave us the opportunity to talk to our customers and the fairs showed that the aftermarket is alive and well. There were many workshops that invested in new and future-oriented equipment, this is a good sign. I myself was present at the autumn fairs and want to thank both employees and wholesalers who made these fairs experiences that will live long in my memory.


Company growth

In other words, 2022 was a year of healthy development. Unfortunately, this also meant that we ran out of office space at Trehøjevej 2. In December, we took 5 new offices into use at Trehøjevej 1. It was indeed a hectic end to the year, but we achieved it all and a little more than expected, so A big thank you must go to all the employees of Elektro Partner, who have put in an excellent effort throughout the year.

Thank you to our suppliers and dealers, without you it would not have been possible.

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