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We has noticed that many who work with today's super-efficient cars on a daily basis are also car enthusiasts in their spare time. That the interest in engines and mechanics is what has brought us into this wonderful industry. The interest in mechanics added with good doses of nostalgia can result in many interesting things. For example, that vehicles are preserved for posterity. To the delight of many.

The joy of seeing a vehicle that was once common on the streets and roads brings more smiles per vehicle. miles than a modern vehicle. When I started as a traveler with Autodata products in Norway back in the late 80s, I visited many car workshops in town and country. I saw how in many workshops there was one vehicle or another being worked on when time allowed. It could be anything from completely ordinary vehicles, such as an old Folkevogen, to exotic Italian or American cars. Cars and motorcycles - models that for some reason had been found worthy of this special attention. This phenomenon also became quite common in Denmark at one point. 

I restored the first vehicle myself when I was 17 years old, and since then there have been many more or less interesting vehicles in my garage. Many of us who work at Elektro Partner are infected by the bacillus, to such an extent that I am unsure whether there is any cure.  

On our website you will be able to revisit some vehicles that we have found worthy of a life as classics. Some have been allowed to remain as they were found, others have undergone extensive renovation. We hope you will find joy in a reunion. 

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