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The underrated Suzuki moped

The underrated moped

Suzuki made some of the world's finest 2-stroke motorcycles in the 70s, and of course a fine moped also came out of that. It was OE Andersen, who also imported Puch, that brought the smart little 3-gear K50A model to this country.

This model was in production from 1971-1975 and can be recognized by the fact that the speedometer is in the headlight housing and that it has an obvious exhaust. The K50B from 1976-1979 had a 4-speed engine and underlying exhaust.

Especially the fine (and rare) 3-gear A-model never gained widespread use in Denmark. Something could indicate that the Puch importer did not want this exquisite little moped to ruin the sales of Puch.

The reduction to 30 km/h, as required by law, also completely destroyed this classy moped, legally it ran badly, but illegally it ran fantastic! The engine was a nice case, which had both a rotary valve and a lubrication system with a pump. But legally the engine could drown in condensation, you actually had to install a drain screw in the U-bend of the front pipe, because there was not enough speed for the air in the exhaust to be able to push the condensation out of the exhaust. That says something about how badly it went as legal.

I remember one of my friends driving the K50. I was allowed to borrow it for a ride, and I remember it as one of the quietest and vibration-free mopeds I've ridden, and it had good brakes. In short, a really nice moped that was suffocated at birth on the Danish market.

I tried to be allowed to buy the moped in the picture, but DKK 35,000 was not enough for it to change owners:-)

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